Be a Demo Ace

Many of us are required to deliver a demonstration of a product, service, feature, tool or methodology to an audience. That audience may be an internal team within our organization, a group of customers or partners at an event or a webinar over the internet. How can we make sure we are delivering the best demo possible no matter if it’s in a Keynote with our CEO or to our team to get buy-in on a new tool your organization wants everyone to begin using?

There are tried and true techniques that we have coached people to successfully do in hundreds of demos. During this videotaped workshop, you will learn:

  • How to mouse and keyboard correctly
  • The proper use of highlighting
  • Using zooming tools so everyone can see
  • How to create a demo script that doesn’t sound robotic
  • Choosing the correct font and size
  • Building a story
  • Personalizing the demo
  • Avoiding the feature/function trap
  • Maximizing eye contact
  • Using powerful speech techniques to deliver a demo
  • Controlling speed
  • Modulating the voice
  • Finding the crescendos and new builds within the demo
  • Using screen real estate effectively
  • Uncovering the objective of the demo
  • Influencing and impacting the needs of the audience
  • Using humor, showmanship and “info-tainment” to “wow” your audience
  • Capture and hold the attention of the audience
  • Write the way you speak, not the way you write

Make your next demo your personal best and get others to pay attention to your message and the product or service you are offering, while also seeing you as a confident ambassador of your company.

If you’re interested in 1:1, group or online training