What is coaching? Think of having a personal trainer or mentor tailoring a program to your individual needs. We are results-oriented experts driving positive outcomes for you.


Our one-on-one training sessions are at least two hours in length, with well-over 98% of our consultations occurring at our corporate client’s location.

By deconstructing communication skills you can learn tangible, concrete techniques you can put into practice immediately. If your focus is presentation skills, we address every aspect of the presentation from arrival to departure, pre-preparation, practice, how to deliver a compelling message that resonates with your audience, storytelling, creating visuals that have impact, powerful delivery that captures the audience’s attention and body language that makes the speaker look confident, poised and engaged.

Whether you attend one-on- one sessions or seminars, we nudge you out of your comfort zone to raise self-awareness, not self-consciousness. We employ unique Communication Power techniques to offer solutions to any communication issue you want to improve. We respect how valuable your time is, so we are direct, precise and caring because we see ourselves as your advocates. Your success is our success!

Here are some of the issues we address in one-on-one training sessions:

Powerful Presentation Skills

Organizing the Presentation for Maximum Effect

Creating impactful visual aids or documents

Conciseness: Get to the Point

Dynamic and Controlled Body language

Powerful Vocal Techniques

The Art of Sticky Storytelling

Building Audience rapport

Strategic versus Tactical Messaging

Creating Introductions for Great First Impressions

Lasting Conclusions that Stick

Handling Interruptions and the Q&A with Poise and Diplomacy

Confidence, Conviction and Compelling Delivery Anywhere

Engaging on the Phone or Over the Web

Accent Reduction

Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Writing Targeted Email

Developing an Elevator Pitch

Persuading Others to Your Point-of-View

Assertiveness to Get What You Need

Rid Yourself of Anxiety Once and For All

Overcoming Objections

Dealing with Conflict

Presenting/Speaking Over Skype and WebEx

Getting Others to Listen and Managing Perceptions

Motivating and Inspiring Audiences

Deliver the Best Demo Ever

Effective Listening and Relationship Building Skills

Social and Business Conversation

Foot in the Door Phrases to be Heard in a Meeting

Job Interviewing Skills

Storytelling Techniques – How to Tell a Story

Creating, Developing and Delivering an Elevator Pitch

If you’re interested in 1:1, group or online training