A specialty of Communication Power is coaching speakers for conference presentations that fall into many different categories:

  • Keynotes
  • Keynote Demonstrations
  • Break-Out Sessions
  • Interactive Sessions/Chalk Talks
  • Panel Discussions
  • Theater Sessions on the Exhibition Hall Floor
  • Videotaped Interviews
  • Expo Hall Booth Demos and Conversations

Every type of presentation at every conference is about influencing and impacting the attendees, to help them solve a problem, be more productive, fulfill aspirational goals, and grow their business in ways they may not have considered. Often conferences believe their sole purpose is to be educational, but we always ask our clients, why would individuals who work every day want to learn or be educated unless it leads to a concrete, results-oriented outcome that makes them and their company successful?

We have coached thousands of speakers at hundreds of conferences for Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Adobe and Tableau just to name a few. We are conference experts on everything from capturing and holding the attention of the audience, storytelling and humor, creating introductions, managing anxiety, organizing the talk, creating beautiful slideware to smaller issues like what to do as the audience files in, when to take a sip of water during your presentation, what to do when co-presenting, how to highlight a slide point or use hard copy & notes, and how to handle interruptions, disturbances, or distractions like demo failure.

Contact us if you would like more details on group or individual pre-conference coaching, on-site coaching, webcasts on each of these topics, or content management prior to presentation creation. We can help you create compelling, confident and poised presentations at your next event! We are also available to deliver Keynote presentations.

If you’re interested in 1:1, group or online training