Write More Effective Email

What does your email say about you? We cannot NOT communicate. Are you long-winded? Do you write in thick paragraphs that no one wants to read? Do you prioritize your email effectively? Do you spend as much time on an email going to a peer as one going to the entire team or an executive?

How can you make sure you are constructing the best emails, especially the ones that have the most visibility? This seminar will help you do just that by focusing on topics such as:

  • What to do before you begin writing
  • Suggested steps for writing better email
  • Possible templates for email
  • The subject line
  • Prioritizing important items
  • Being as concise as possible
  • Embracing minimalism
  • Polishing the email
  • Email etiquette for your corporate culture
  • Emotion and email
  • Using the cc line
  • The power of the draft folder
  • Using attachments and links
  • Understanding why are you writing the email
  • Organizing the email for maximum effectiveness
  • Trigger words to avoid
  • Background – too much or too little

Participants will emerge with concrete ways to improve their emails so recipients are more likely to read the mail and not delete it or relegate it to a TBD folder. Be a good corporate citizen and send email that enhances your image within your organization.

If you’re interested in 1:1, group or online training