Improve Your Speaking Voice
and Professional Image

Studies show that people judge us by how we sound. Anyone can improve their audible image, as you'll discover by hearing your own voice as others hear it. Then learn a multitude of techniques in this practical workshop. Emerge with a short vocal workout that can improve all aspects of your voice.

  • Better breathing techniques
  • Jaw, tongue, lip and soft palate exercises
  • Commanding attention through vocal projection
  • Developing a voice that is taken seriously
  • Discovering the source of sound
  • Finding the "resonating ladder"
  • Increasing vocal power
  • Minimizing accents and dialects
  • Modulation and pronunciation
  • Optimum pitch and timber
  • Overcoming shrill, nasal tones
  • Relaxing the channel of sound

Our expert specialists will provide each participant a voice coaching methodology to develop a more powerful and confident voice in any speaking situation.

If you’re interested in 1:1, group or online training