Executive Presence
Exhibit Confidence Under Pressure

Attendees in this seminar will be able to present to executives in a confident, concise and strategic manner. Every opportunity to present to executives in your organization is a chance for you to increase your visibility and build your brand.

In this workshop, we will address blockers that prevent individuals from being their best and target skills that allow you to be seen as a leader and problem-solver.

  • Delivering concise and precise messages, eliminating noise
  • Answering the question you are being asked rather than the one you think you’re being asked
  • Enhancing voice projection, vocal variety, speech dynamics
  • Positioning wins and losses properly to build confidence
  • Present information strategically not tactically
  • Handling visual aids appropriately for your corporate culture
  • Pause with self-assurance to gather thoughts and eliminate vocal fillers
  • Improving eye contact, facial expressions, body language even when seated
  • Organizing information in logical, persuasive order
  • Overcoming performance anxiety
  • Using the whiteboard properly
  • Presenting an authoritative image
  • Refining diction and pronunciation
  • Spotlighting important words and phrases

Participants leave with a renewed sense of confidence knowing the skills they need to enhance to nail their next executive presentation, business review or status update

If you’re interested in 1:1, group or online training